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The One-Day DSLR Photography Course. Beginners: *(Completely re-written for the 2017/18 season and is incorpprated into the new DSLR Course)*



This new course has been fully incoroprated into the new DSLR photography course and is designed to take the learner through all stages to allow them to fully understand the digital photography process from concept through to print. The course takes the learner through all of the basic stages and allows the new camera owner to start to control the camera rather than the camera controlling them. We will get the camera off the dreaded “green button”. It is a very intensive course and requires the learner to take notes and fully understand the means of controlling the light and composition of the image. We will consider the complete “concept to print” idea with the tutor offering ideas on tasks and assignments. The course also looks at aesthetics and the properties required to produce a pleasing result from any camera.

While most of the basic course is designed around any digital camera we can concentrate on specific types of digital capture using, compacts, bridge cameras and DSLR cameras. We try to install into the mind of the photographer that its a matter of imagination that creates good photographs and is not dependant on the equipment.

Course Content: (please also see The DSLR Course content)

  • Camera controls and jargon busting
  • Camera handling techniques
  • ISO sensitivity. What it means and settings
  • Auto, semi-auto and manual modes
  • Image quality settings
  • White balance
  • Basic lighting
  • Digital photography outdoors
  • Digital photography indoors
  • Creating good landscape images
  • Scene v subject
  • The home studio
  • Basic portrait posing
  • Basic portrait lighting and image creation
  • Creating images in digital format
  • Downloading, back-up and archive of digital images
  • Basic Photo-shop and image editing (depends on experience levels of attendees)
  • Colour and monochrome files
  • Preparing the image for printing
  • Planning your shoot
  • Thinking like a photographer
  • Myth busting

Simply pay for the voucher (below) and then call the studio to book your date.

Full day course with notes and course material: £95:00

The discounted cost of this course is: £35:00

(This course is available on a discount for a limited period only)



The Home Study Course

The Home Study course has been in the production stage for over two years but is now fully completed and ready to roll.

We have designed this course to take the new photographer through level 1 to level 2 and all the lessons have been put together to give the photographer the best way available to acheive great images. We have tried to ensure that the photographer uses our lessons together with the information sheets to compliment their own creativity and produce a portfolio of images that not only shows their photographic compitence but also their individual creativity.

After booking this course it will normally be delivered within 7 days. For the promotional period of this course will not only disccount the cost from £55 to £25 but also include a full day’s training at one of our One-Day courses and also include a limited edition portrait posing guide, normally on sale for £15.

Course Content:

  1. The History of photography (including terminology)
  2. Basic principles of photography
  3. The camera and its controls
  4. Lenses and controlling the light
  5. Settings: auto and semi-auto modes
  6. Settings: manual mode
  7. Settings: other controls
  8. Landscape photography
  9. Portrait photography
  10. Lighting
  11. Bonus lesson: finishing and presentation.

Together with the lessons there are numerous information sheets, advice sheets and some very challenging projects.

The learner has the choice to send images to us for moderation or not. We will always be very honest and offer practical solutions to any problems that the photographer may have.

We also have a members page where the learner can download such things as photo editing software and also catch up with what we are doing in the business.

You can purchase the course here or on-line at Hot Courses or give us a call and we will arrange other means of payments.


The cost of this course is £55:00



One-day DSLR course for beginners (all new content for 2017/18)

One Day Photography Course

This course has been totally re-written to incorporate the “basic photography” course and is designed around the DSLR although we do include the compact and bridge cameras. We will also be running through the basic controls and the use of the MASP settings in detail. The course covers basic lighting, settings and composing the images and having learned the camera controls and the basic image composition rules the learner will then be taken to a higher level of photography where we understand the principals of exposure; white balance; on-camera lighting; manual exposure control and control and much more.

Although this is a slightly more advanced course we do spend some time going over the basic camera settings to allow the learners time to adjust to the course itself. The course is designed to be taken by novices aswell as slightly more confident photographers.

Course outline:

  • Exposure
  • White balance and WB settings
  • Creative ISO settings
  • Aperture priority for creative focus
  • Shutter priority for capturing speed and sports
  • Program setting for night photography
  • Manual photography using the expo meter
  • Focusing modes
  • Metering modes
  • Mono photography at high ISO
  • Lighting
  • Image creation
  • Posing techniques
  • Creative camera handling techniques
  • Practical indoor and outdoor shoots to demonstrate various techniques
  • Image capture
  • RAW and jpeg images
  • Information on HDR images
  • Presentation

The full cost of the day is £95:00 but for a limited period we are offering this course at the promotional price of just £35:00

Simply pay for the voucher (below) and then call the studio to book your date.





Setting up the home studio is one of the most popular new courses.

We have introduced the course at the request of many of our previous delegates and we hope to see many of you in the near future on this course

We will show you how to start a studio at home for about £150. This will include where to get the back drops and how to light your subject.

The course content is:

  • Finding a suitable room
  • Finding and purchasing a collapsable backdrop system
  • Using speedlights and slave lights
  • Triggering the flash
  • Shooting in manual to get creative effects
  • Studio settings
  • Models
  • Posing
  • Post production
  • and more ………………………..

The course will be run as a half-day workshop (10:30 – 2:30).

The full cost per person is £50:00




WEDDING Photo training COURSES:




This is our new “wedding photography” course. The portrait section is now being covered as a separate workshop.

The new course is now ready and will be offered as a one-day seminar/course rather than as a workshop. The old photo training course has been completely up-graded with the whole day aimed at wedding photography and we now offer on-going support for those wishing to take their new found skills into a new career or just to earn a lucrative second income.

We will explore the complete range of wedding photography from taking shots as guests up to the point where the learner becomes a paid photographer and creates the album to compliment the photography.

We will also look at the etiquette of weddings and the correct way in which to capture the bride and groom. The course looks at all aspects of wedding photography from traditional through classic to modern reportage style photography and even the “fly-on-the-wall” style. You will be amazed at how some of this is acheived and this is a course not to be missed.

The course content is:

  • Plan the shoot
  • Organise your day
  • What equipment to use
  • How to go about those difficult shots
  • Bridal posing
  • Groups
  • The Groom and his ushers
  • Bridesmaids
  • Difficult guests
  • How to avoid guests stealing your images
  • How to preview the shots
  • How to select the images for the album
  • Printing
  • Pricing
  • Finding customers
  • And much, much more.


The courses will be advertised and offered initially through our “Newsletter” and then generally via the Blog site and on our social media sites.

We are also adding a voucher for follow-on courses and workshops.

The whole wedding course is designed as a continuous learning resource that the photographer can access as and when needed.

The course cost is £35:00 (this is a promotional cost)




To subscribe to our newsletter and become a member simply sign-up on the side bar form.

Once the course dates are advertised please call 01495 775063 to book






The boudoir lighting and posing workshop is the most popular weekend workshop that we run. The day begins with a demonstration of the studio set-up and lighting techniques that we use for boudoir photography. We will explain props and wardrobe requirements. We will then introduce one of our professional models to the photographers and will demonstrate the way in which the shots should be approached. The learners will then spend  most of the morning shooting their own images to the style that we have shown. We will also set the studio for the learners to create their own style of photographs.

The model will sign release forms for all the learners to enable them to use the images as they require.

The afternoon session is more of the practical work and we will set-up different styles of background and various lighting conditions.

The workshop is limited to 6 delegates.


The course outline:

  • Organising the studio set
  • Backdrops
  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • Clothing and props
  • confidentiality
  • Pro model
  • All images taken with signed release
  • Promoting and pricing boudoir photography

Dates for this workshop will be posted on our Courses page as they are arranged.

Cost: £125:00




Lauren in monochrome

Advance portrait workshops cover the principles of studio fashion portraiture as well as quality high street photography. This workshop is the ideal progression for the basic learner wishing to advance to pro style images. We will cover both hi-key and lo-key backgrounds and work with colour and black & white image creation. The day will also include creative ISO photography and the use of both studio flash and continuous light photography. We will have one of our professional models on hand to model for the learners throughout the whole day.

Course outline:

  • Studio set-up
  • Choice of props
  • Lighting – including continuous light and ambient light
  • Posing
  • Group placing and posing
  • Solo posing and flow posing
  • Pro models
  • All images with signed release


Please be aware that these courses are very intense and we do not guarantee that you will be to the standard of a professional when you leave the course but we promise that all the elements required to take your portrait photography to the next level are covered. We can help, mentor and advise as you progress.

Cost: £95:00






Fashion workshops are one of our most popular photo training course days with a professional model and all images taken on the day with signed releases. The day is very full and we sometimes employ two professional models to pose throughout the day for the learners. The emphasis is on fashion but we introduce the glamour shots once the learners feel comfortable with the day’s shooting.

Limit of 6 delegates

Cost: £125:00






This photo training course covers all aspects of the requirements to start and survive your first year in social photography.

The course covers:

  • Product presentation
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Financial implications
  • Website building
  • How to find customers
  • How to keep customers
  • Profit v. turnover
  • Continuous photo training
  • Customer care
  • Record keeping

Total cost for this course is: £35:00



Studio courses are run for photographers who are looking to get into pro or semi-pro photography

We run these courses during the year and are based around our fashion photography business.

Booking for these courses is by invitation only

Studio Fashion shoot

Studio courses include:

  • Full day studio photography
  • Professional model
  • Full day tuition
  • Small classes
  • One-to-one photography with model
  • Signed model release of all images taken
  • Copyright contracts template
  • Publishing advise
  • Each studio course is a self-contained one-day intensive course with refreshments and lunch included
  • Courses can be location based i.e. castles, beach, derelict building etc.

Tuition Content

  • Working with a professional model and model etiquette
  • Posing and placement
  • Glamour work including working with props (clothing)
  • Fashion poses
  • Lighting – natural and artificial
  • Camera angles
  • Creative camera settings
  • Backgrounds
  • Focal point shooting
  • Expo metering
  • Contré jour lighting
  • Working with agencies
  • Approaching a publisher
  • Portfolio creation
  • Fine art photography


Price for full day studio course: £375:00 per delegate


Studio, Fashion & Portrait Photography


Studio Confidential


Model Shoots








One-2-one mentoring is now arranged via our agency at:





This photo training course allows for individuals to undergo a full programme of re-training for a career in social photography. It is a mix of workshops and distance learning over a period.

The course is divided into modules which can be taken as and when required.

Each module is paid for as it is taken.




Our One-day Photo training courses are designed to inspire the hobbyist to take the art of photography further and also to help the semi-pro or the full-time professional to take the photography to another level.

Sometimes photography can be a very solitary pass time and it often needs a “nudge” to get passed a level that we all get stuck on occasionally. So photo training is the ideal way to give you that “nudge”.


Courses start at 10:00am and run through to about 3:30pm. The photo training course itself is very intensive and we try to please all attendees by the use of demonstrations and visual aids to help understand the skills being taught as well as two sessions of practical photography. One outside and the other in the studio.

If you have any questions at all on our photo training courses and workshops please feel free to call the office on 07971 295166 and we will be only too happy to help.

Please contact the studio for details on all our photo training courses.




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