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Terms of Trading and Conditions of Sale


O’Brien Cooper Photography – Tutoring, Lecturing and Courses.

Terms and Conditions – Courses; bookings and cancellations

Terms and Conditions for the use and sale of images from our Archive


  1. All courses are offered as per the terms and conditions here set out below.
  2. The courses are updated to include new technologies and new thinking at various times in the season. We will update as and when required without prior notification to attendees. Updates occur when new technologies are introduced or when new methods are introduced. At certain times during the year we contact equipment manufacturers to ensure that all new technologies are being conveyed to our customers and that the information is correct as at the time of delivery.
  3. All information passed to the attendees on the courses is as correct as we can possibly make it. All information is verified by industry professionals and the courses are constructed by education professionals to allow for the delivery of information to be as beneficial as possible. The courses offered by OBC are designed to be an addition to the attendees knowledge and experience and the training is not to be regarded as an alternative to traditional photographic education offered by established centres of learning.
  4. As with all courses involving artistic content the instructor will offer opinion as to how to improve the creative thinking of the attendee as well as trying to impart the technical knowledge required to operate a modern digital camera. This opinion is subjective and should not be regarded as “the rule” but as it is delivered, as an opinion.
  5. One-Day courses are offered on our website at the standard cost and sometimes at a discounted rate. Discounted rates do not affect the cost of promotional vouchers which are offered via a third party website and organisation.
  6. One-Day courses are offered at full price and include lunch and coffee and tea plus course notes and follow on information
  7. Promotional and discounted vouchers are for the full course but do not include refreshments or notes and follow on information. The course content is the same as for the full price course.
  8. Although one-day courses are offered to the general public, advanced weekend workshops will be offered only on an invitation to previous attendees. This is for security purposes only.
  9. Weekend workshops and specialist seminars and courses are offered at a standard rate and do not attract discount as the content is deemed as valuable material for those wishing to extend their hobby to the professional world of photography and we deem this to be fair.
  10. Promotional vouchers are offered on various platforms such as Groupon and Living Social where the terms and conditions set out are also complimented by the specific terms and conditions of each third party company offering our courses on their websites but none of the conditions set out by O’Brien Cooper Photography are superseded by the terms and conditions of the company offering the courses on our behalf.
  11. Booking promotional courses is by vouchers offered by the third party on-line. Booking for the discounted cost vouchers or for the direct date bookings is on-line via the third party website.
  12. Booking via our website is by the PayPal system which will require that the purchaser signs into the PayPal system.
  13. Booking can also be directly through the studio and this will entail payment via a bank transfer to our preferred bank by the purchaser. The payment is taken after the booking has been made and agreed by O’Brien Cooper Photography. Please be aware that we prefer the on-line payment system as this is the more secure method and when booking via PayPal both the seller and the purchaser receive a receipt.
  14. Promotional and discounted costs are different and should not be confused. Promotional costs are generally lower as the voucher validity will be a maximum of 6 weeks whereas discounted vouchers are valid for a minimum of 4 months.
  15. Vouchers may be purchased and the course date decided upon later. Once the date has been agreed we hold the place from the date that the attendee has contacted us until the date itself. If a voucher holder fails to attend the date agreed the voucher will be cancelled and the cost forfeit.
  16. For promotional and discounted courses we do not offer a financial refund as the cost of the voucher includes the costs to us of hiring the venue and the cost of insurance and overheads which are paid when a booking is made.
  17. The voucher holder may cancel the date agreed at least three full days before the agreed date and a new date agreed but this can only be provided once. Continual cancellations can not be accepted.
  18. Extensions on voucher validity can only be offered to Groupon voucher and studio directly booked voucher holders (See point 17). The voucher can be extended to the next available date to the voucher holder but if this then is cancelled the voucher will be deemed invalid and the voucher cancelled.
  19. Vouchers can be extended in extenuating circumstances such as illness. This applies to all vouchers but we must state that we would need more than verbal proof of this.
  20. When a voucher has passed its validity date it will automatically cancel and any attempt to book a course date after the expiry of the voucher will not be accepted.
  21. When booking dates please be aware that we hold the date as booked when you arrange this with us.
  22. When booking the date of a course with us please ensure that you have your voucher codes (all) and we will record and redeem the voucher before the course is attended. Once a voucher has been redeemed we can extend the validity but this will require certain conditions to apply.
  23. All courses are provisional until sufficient numbers have booked to make the course viable. This means that when cancellations are taken into account and those cancellations require that the date is not viable and has to be cancelled the others on the course have to be found other dates and as that is not the fault of the other places on the course we may decide that the change of dates is too disruptive and the date will go ahead and the cancelled vouchers will be redeemed and the holders of the vouchers that were cancelled will not be offered alternate dates.
  24. When contacting O’Brien Cooper Photography your e-mail address will be automatically saved to our news letter system and you will receive news letters at various points in the year. You can unsubscribe at any time from this system.
  25. Booking for weekend workshops, specialist seminars and day courses are by invitation only and normally require a deposit on booking. The costs are much higher due to the fact that we hire professional models and their costs are included in the cost of the day. All costs also include refreshments and notes where offered.
  26. As these specialist courses are only run sporadically we can’t refund costs for non-attendance. Costs include the hire of the venue and the costs for insurance, overheads and model fees and signed model release forms. These costs are taken into account when the booking is made.
  27. We do not provide equipment for use on the course.
  28. Attendees are required to bring their own equipment to all courses.
  29. We recommend that attendees insure their equipment as it has been known for various bits of equipment to be lost or left behind when the course has finished.
  30. We can provide for attendees with disabilities and also the hotel that we use can provide meals for those with dietary concerns. We do need prior notice for all those wishing to attend that have physical or dietary concerns. Please contact the studio.
  31. We require that all attendees are 16 to 18 years old or more. For those between 16 and 18 years old we require that they are accompanied by a fee paying adult. For weekend workshops the minimum age is 18 years with no exceptions.
  32. We use a “contact” list to inform voucher holders of upcoming dates. The voucher holders will only be contacted when new dates are published. The new dates are offered to the voucher holders before they are offered to the general public. Please be aware this service will cease on the 31st March 2017 when our terms of trading are updated for the new summer season.
  33. Our courses are normally held at the Angel Inn Hotel in Privett in Hampshire and we have a good relationship with them. We do ask that attendees do not bring their own food but to avail themselves of the excellent fair available at the hotel.
  34. Parking is free at our venue
  35. We reserve the right to change the venues of our courses and workshops without prior notice.
  36. For all further information please contact the studio on 07971 295166.


OBC maintains an archive of images that have been taken by Bob Cooper LMPA or by one of the employees of the studios that we have run. i.e. Studio 31 and O’Brien Cooper Photography.

As this archive holds in excess of 1’000’000 images and is at its limit,  we are trying to re-unite the images with as many of our customers as is possible.

If you have had a studio or wedding photography session with us since 2003 please contact us and we will search the archive for you and if we still hold the images we will get them back to you.

As we hold the copyright of all these images we would need to create a copyright transfer certificate for these images and for this we do charge a small fee of £25 to ensure that you own the full authority and copyright of these images.

To get your images please contact via our “contact us” page or give Bob a call on 07971 295166.




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